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Book excerpts; starting to post them today!

March 20, 2011

I started posting book excerpts on my Facebook Author Fan Page but it won’t allow enough text for context (granted, you could use “notes” or use “comments” but that obscures the view) so I’m posting them here and a handy little app. I’m using will post links to them on the FB page anyway.

PS Liking my FB fan page automatically enters you into all future contests to win free stuff like ink pens, customized bookmarks, calendars, and (later) Nooks, Kindles, and accessories. No entering e-mails. No input of information. Just click. Like. Done. Forever. (See pics of what we are giving/have given away on the page).

All that said, here goes my first blog-born excerpt:

“I just don’t think about it. My dad says the same shit every time it comes up; ‘You can’t see the damned wind, and you know it’s there; what you need to see God for?’ and I’ll be thinking, ‘Shit, dad, wind can be shown; it can be proven. Wind can power a big ass windmill. Tell God to power one on command; nigga, show me that.”

Tim covered his mouth and held the phone away from his head to try to collect his composure since he wasn’t entirely certain of Von’s position yet, racially or religiously, but slipped into snort-laughing. “I’m serious, though,” Von said. “Let God come turn a windmill when I call him. A nigga will be in church this Sunday if that Nigga does that. Cuz you know God is black, right?,” he said, drifting off into laughter himself, a quick sputter of a laugh at first, slipping into a complement to Tim’s spectacular display, a little over what he had said but mostly over Tim’s laughing fit that made Von imagine an angry pig having his hooves tickled.

“Stop it! I can’t…” were the only words Tim could get out for the next couple of minutes, and Von egged him on a little more to wring every bit of humor out of the moment that he could, because he knew that they both needed humor, especially now, when things were beginning to get real… when crimes of conspiracy against a government had already been committed, and many serious charges would be coming, if their luck held out.

(Von, a black guy, and Tim, a white guy — Flight Fortamente, second book of the People Phenomenal series)


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