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Calling all readers; need reviewers, free e-books provided

March 9, 2011

I’m trying to find a few people to review my books. You will get the e-book free and your name will be mentioned in the next printing of the book (for positive reviews, only; if you get 10 pages into one of my books and aren’t feeling the happies, might as well let it go…).

For any established reviewers (top Amazon reviewers or reviewers with a well-established review history/blog), you will get free copies of all three e-books for any one you review and I’ll also send you copies of my fourth and fifth books for free (release set for May and September) as well as include you in the next printing of the book, which will be immediately following this batch of reviews. I will also send you free promotional items (pens, calendar magnets, bookmarks).

My two humor books are quick reads; around 100 pages each. My one sci-fi is about 200 pages and a little deep.

Please respond either here or send me a message with “reviews” somewhere in the title (might go to spam; makes it easier to pull out) to wutzthedeal (at) ya hoo d ot c om.

Thank you, mah friends!


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  1. I might be interested in doing this. Can I download a free preview of the sci-fi book, and see how it goes? Maybe on smashwords or something? I've yet to be blessed with a kindle.Also, would you be interested in swapping reviews along the same guidelines?

  2. Hey Michael, You can now preview the sci-fi one and the others using those preview windows on the right of this page (BookBuzzr). At this time, I have very little time to read myself as I have a late-May deadline for a novel that I'm well behind on; otherwise I probably would have just offered to trade stories for reviews. Please let me know if you have any problems with the previews on the right. You can also download free desktop Nook and Kindle-book readers if you don't have those devices (which also allow for free preview reading). Thanks for contacting me and please let me know what you think.Kev

  3. I would be interested in "The Lost Dialogues of Table 18."

  4. Awesome Heather; please e-mail me at wutzthedeal at ya ho o dot com and put "Book review" in the subject line in case it goes to spam. I'll send the book right away. :)Kev

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