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Stop Choking on Routine and Live Your Dream!

March 5, 2011

How many friends or family members do you have that aren’t passionate about anything? Even if they are “into” something, like thrift-store shopping or following a sports team or their job, how may of them are truly passionate about it? Or anything else?

Passion used to be valued. The Greeks, it was said, would ask only one question during any funeral: “Did he/she live with passion?” Shouldn’t be any wonder why some of our greatest works ever from art and science came from there.

I know people who have zero passion. Lots of them. They just want to survive, and I even question that goal in some people I know. They’re just here because, they figure, it is supposed to be that way.

Isn’t there something you can sink your heart into and love it and do it with energy? Not gambling, drugs, or sex or any of the obvious things that have short-term rewards… something you “live” for.

There is a reason people like to watch Manny Pacquiao fight, or Gordon Ramsey cook, or Elton John sing, and you and I both know what it is.

If you’ve been plodding ’round this mud-ball on a whim or, even worse, on a precisely-structured plan toward the mundane goal of stable repetition, you aren’t finding fulfillment on the scale that you could be. When you’re sitting there thinking, ‘Is it all worth it? I hate my job, hate my life, what is this?’ and instead of doing something about it, you go on about your daily routine, you are dying inside, quickly.

Find what makes your heart beat faster. It could be something from your childhood; what you wanted to be, what you wanted to do, who you wanted to be. You’ve lost touch with it or never really let it surface completely. Find it, and go after it like a piranha on a chicken leg.

Without going into religion, I think most can agree that we live this life, in this way, just one time. You have one shot. Instead of just convincing yourself that success is a 40-hour week, making enough money to pay for a roof, a toilet, and a television with which to watch others succeed or fail, why don’t you go for it? Is it fear of failure? What do you lose if you don’t “get it?” More importantly, will you forgive yourself in 20 or 30 years for having never tried?

It’s time. Today is the day. Look inside, drag it out, and own it. Nobody is going to get you to that fantasy-life in your mind except you, and doubt is the only thing holding you back from that life. Stop doubting. Entirely. Know. Go. Score. Win. Now!


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  1. Best of luck with your own passion. You are right that many people have no passion and they just drag their life every day to eat, drink and sleep. My blog:

  2. Thanks Razib, checking out your blog now. Peace!

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